The project

In our latest projects we are striving hard to create something different.

After thinking a lot about how to explain and convey everything we wanted to send you, we decided to unify two big projects. The part that deals with history, and the part that deals with music.

Although they take us more time to elaborate, we believe that is what My Sweet Torment really defines.

We started by creating a conceptual disc, based on a story. This story is complemented by the letters of the discs, the fragments that you will find in the Crypt and the reading edition.

On the other hand, there is music, that to be up to the task and be able to put yourself in the environment, we had to make a complete, diverse and complicated recording process.

If you want to know more about this process, read on.


Composing some melodies with an unimaginable amount of nuances does not make any sense if afterwards we can not make everything that we want to transmit to your ears arrive. That is why we are worrying about recording our new projects with the most real and reliable material possible.

We use tube amplifiers, which are warm, defined and at the same time with a very powerful sound. Microphones and previous analogue vocal and latest generation sound processors.

We use world-renowned speakers and for their sound to be transmitted with fidelity, we make sure that from the microphones to the cables they are up to the task.

When we have everything we need


The power of today’s teams is incredible, that is why we want to take advantage of these advances to the fullest.

The sound we use in live shows is analog. Nowadays the means of musical transmission are digital and that difference ends up being noticed.

Normally audio recordings have a standard of resolution, ratio and format. From now on you can enjoy our music as always, but if you are very purist you do not have to worry.

We have thought of a way to enjoy our music in the most natural way possible, so we will put on our website the option to acquire our music in HD.

And do not see if it shows!

HD Audio

STUDIO HD - 24bit / 192kHz
AUDIO HD - 24bit / 96kHz

Audio Estándar

CD - 16bit / 44.1kHz
DOWNLOAD MP3 - 128 / 320Kbps
STREAMING MP3 - 64 / 320Kbps


Now you only have to choose what experience you want.

First choose the normal version, or the Sense version that excludes the lyrics from the recordings, making the album an environmental soundtrack.

If you already have it clear now, you only have to choose the quality and format.

The disc in HD, Wav or Mp3

Note: Keep in mind that there are some nuances that you can only appreciate through the use of headphones.

Little by little we will continue to improve our songs and our sound quality.

We hope you can enjoy!