The innovation and creation of our products, also takes into account the efficiency, simplicity and effectiveness of the person who acquires them. That is why we take advantage of all the innovations and technological advances that we have, to make everyone’s life much better. In many ways, the most advanced products are those that have the least environmental impact.
Your devices are part of your day to day and that is why they are designed to accompany you for many years. We take advantage of this circumstance to be able to send you all our products in the fastest and easiest way for you. That is why we incorporate them into many of the distribution platforms that exist in digital media. Because the more products we can spread digitally, the better it will be for the planet.
All this is summarized in: less plastic expense for the creation of CDs, less use of paper to transmit our stories and of course, less CO2 emissions derived from the transport of these products.